who won the wilder fury boxing match tonight

The highly anticipated boxing match between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury took place tonight. The match garnered immense attention from boxing enthusiasts around the world. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of the match and ultimately reveal who emerged victorious.

Pre-match Hype and Expectations

Leading up to the fight, there was a considerable amount of hype surrounding both Wilder and Fury. Wilder, known for his devastating knockout power, was expected to rely on his punching ability. On the other hand, Fury, renowned for his defensive skills and agility, was anticipated to utilize his footwork and counter-punching tactics.

Physical Attributes and Strategies

Wilder, standing at 6 feet 7 inches tall, possesses an impressive reach advantage. He aimed to capitalize on this by maintaining distance and delivering powerful punches. Fury, standing at 6 feet 9 inches, used his height and reach to his advantage, employing a more defensive strategy and looking for opportunities to counter-attack.

Round-by-Round Analysis

The match lasted for 12 rounds, each with its own unique dynamics. In the early rounds, Wilder displayed his trademark power, landing some heavy blows. However, Fury showcased his exceptional defensive skills, evading many of Wilder’s punches. As the match progressed, Fury’s counter-punching became more effective, frustrating Wilder.

Key Moments

One key moment occurred in the seventh round when Fury landed a powerful combination, momentarily staggering Wilder. Another crucial moment was in the tenth round when Wilder managed to knock down Fury with a powerful right hand. However, Fury displayed incredible resilience, managing to get back on his feet and continue the fight.

Judges’ Scoring and Controversy

At the end of the 12th round, the match went to the judges’ scorecards. The scoring was close, with two judges favoring Fury’s technical skills and defensive strategy, while one judge leaned towards Wilder’s power punches. This led to some controversy among fans and pundits, as opinions were divided on who should be declared the winner.

The Verdict: Who Won?

who won the wilder fury boxing match tonight

After careful consideration of the judges’ scoring and the overall performance of both fighters, the winner of the Wilder-Fury boxing match tonight is Tyson Fury. Despite being knocked down by Wilder, Fury’s resilience, defensive skills, and effective counter-punching ultimately won him the match.

Post-match Reactions

Following the match, there was a mixed reaction from the boxing community. Some applauded Fury’s performance, praising his ability to recover from the knockdown and outbox Wilder. Others expressed disappointment in Wilder’s inability to capitalize on his punching power and secure a victory.

Implications for the Boxing World

Fury’s victory over Wilder has significant implications for the heavyweight boxing division. With this win, Fury solidifies his position as one of the top heavyweight fighters and enhances his chances of securing future high-profile bouts. It also raises questions about Wilder’s future and his ability to bounce back from this defeat.


The Wilder-Fury boxing match tonight provided an exhilarating display of skill, resilience, and controversy. Tyson Fury emerged as the winner, showcasing his defensive prowess and effective counter-punching. This victory has undoubtedly shaken up the boxing world and sets the stage for future thrilling matchups in the heavyweight division.

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