which ups box will fit shoe box

which ups box will fit shoe box

When it comes to shipping shoe boxes, finding the right UPS box that fits perfectly is essential. With various UPS box sizes available, it can be challenging to determine which one is the most suitable. In this article, we will explore different aspects to consider when selecting a UPS box that fits a shoe box.

1. Shoe Box Dimensions

The first step in finding the right UPS box is to measure the dimensions of the shoe box accurately. Measure the length, width, and height of the shoe box using a tape measure. These measurements will help determine which UPS box size is the best fit.

2. UPS Box Size Options

which ups box will fit shoe box

UPS offers a range of box sizes to accommodate various shipping needs. Familiarize yourself with the available UPS box sizes and compare them to the dimensions of your shoe box. Look for a UPS box that closely matches or slightly exceeds the measurements of your shoe box.

3. Small UPS Boxes

If your shoe box is relatively small, consider using a small UPS box. These boxes are typically used for shipping small items and can be a suitable option for compact shoe boxes. Measure your shoe box carefully and compare it with the dimensions of the small UPS boxes available.

4. Medium UPS Boxes

For shoe boxes that are slightly larger, medium-sized UPS boxes may be a better fit. These boxes provide more room for packing materials and are ideal for shoes with additional padding or accessories. Compare the measurements of your shoe box with the dimensions of medium UPS boxes to find the right fit.

5. Large UPS Boxes

If you have larger shoe boxes or need to ship multiple shoe boxes together, consider using large UPS boxes. These boxes offer ample space for packing and protecting your shoe boxes during transit. Measure your shoe boxes and check if they fit within the dimensions of the available large UPS boxes.

6. Weight Considerations

In addition to size, consider the weight of your shoe box when selecting a UPS box. UPS has weight limits for each box size, so ensure that your shoe box, along with any additional packing materials, does not exceed the weight limit specified for the chosen UPS box.

7. Packaging Material

When shipping shoe boxes, it is important to use appropriate packaging material to protect the contents. Consider the thickness of the packaging material you plan to use, such as bubble wrap or foam, and ensure that it fits comfortably within the chosen UPS box without compromising the fit of the shoe box.

8. Specialized UPS Boxes

UPS also offers specialized boxes for specific items, such as electronics or fragile items. While these boxes may not be specifically designed for shoe boxes, they can still be a viable option depending on the size and fragility of your shoe box. Compare the dimensions of your shoe box with the available specialized UPS boxes to see if any are suitable.


Choosing the right UPS box for your shoe box requires careful consideration of dimensions, weight, and packaging materials. By accurately measuring your shoe box and comparing it with the available UPS box sizes, you can ensure a secure and well-fitted packaging solution for shipping your shoes.

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