why packquiao wrap his own hands

Why Does Pacquiao Wrap His Own Hands?

When it comes to boxing, Manny Pacquiao is known for his exceptional skills and his ability to deliver powerful punches. However, one aspect of his pre-fight routine that often raises curiosity is why he chooses to wrap his own hands. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Pacquiao’s decision to wrap his own hands from various perspectives.

1. Personal Preference

why packquiao wrap his own hands

One possible reason for Pacquiao wrapping his own hands is simply a matter of personal preference. As an experienced boxer, he may have developed a specific technique or method that works best for him. By wrapping his own hands, he has full control over the tightness and positioning of the wraps, ensuring maximum comfort and support during the fight.

Additionally, Pacquiao’s self-wrapping may be a way for him to mentally prepare and focus before stepping into the ring. The ritual of wrapping his hands could serve as a calming and centering activity, allowing him to enter a state of concentration and readiness.

2. Familiarity and Trust

Another reason for Pacquiao’s decision to wrap his own hands could be the familiarity and trust he has in his own abilities. Throughout his career, he has likely wrapped his hands countless times, becoming intimately familiar with the process. This familiarity provides him with a sense of comfort and confidence, knowing that he can rely on his own expertise to properly wrap his hands.

Moreover, by taking on the responsibility of wrapping his own hands, Pacquiao eliminates any potential concerns about the competence or reliability of others. He can rest assured that his hands are wrapped to his satisfaction, without having to rely on someone else’s skills or judgment.

3. Customization

Wrapping his own hands also allows Pacquiao to customize the wraps to his specific needs and preferences. Every boxer has different hand shapes and sizes, and by wrapping his own hands, Pacquiao can tailor the wraps to provide the perfect fit and support for his unique requirements.

Furthermore, Pacquiao may have specific techniques or strategies that require certain areas of his hands to be more tightly wrapped or padded. By doing it himself, he can ensure that these specific areas receive the necessary attention, providing him with an added advantage during the fight.

4. Time Efficiency

As a professional boxer with a busy training schedule, time efficiency is crucial. By wrapping his own hands, Pacquiao eliminates the need to wait for a trainer or assistant to perform the task. This not only saves time but also allows him to maintain control over his training routine and maximize the use of his valuable training hours.

Additionally, self-wrapping allows Pacquiao to seamlessly integrate the hand-wrapping process into his overall warm-up and preparation routine. He can wrap his hands at his own pace and convenience, ensuring a smooth transition from the preparation phase to the actual fight.

5. Ritual and Superstition

Like many athletes, Pacquiao may have certain rituals or superstitions that he believes bring him luck or enhance his performance. The act of wrapping his own hands could be a part of such a ritual. By following this routine, he may feel a sense of familiarity and comfort, which can help him mentally prepare and boost his confidence before a fight.

Moreover, self-wrapping may serve as a symbolic act of taking control and ownership of his destiny inside the ring. By physically wrapping his own hands, Pacquiao reinforces his belief in his own abilities and determination to succeed, instilling a positive mindset that can positively impact his performance.


There are several reasons why Manny Pacquiao chooses to wrap his own hands. From personal preference and familiarity to customization and time efficiency, each factor contributes to his decision. Whether it’s for comfort, control, or psychological reasons, Pacquiao’s self-wrapping has become an integral part of his pre-fight routine, allowing him to enter the ring fully prepared and confident.

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