why use 20 oz boxing gloves

why use 20 oz boxing gloves

Why Use 20 oz Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any boxer, and choosing the right size is crucial for optimal performance and safety. One popular size that many boxers prefer is the 20 oz boxing gloves. In this article, we will explore the various reasons why using 20 oz boxing gloves can be advantageous.

1. Enhanced Protection

One of the primary reasons for using 20 oz boxing gloves is the enhanced protection they provide. The extra padding in these gloves helps absorb and distribute the impact of punches, reducing the risk of hand injuries. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, protecting your hands is vital to maintaining a long and successful boxing career.

Furthermore, the increased padding of 20 oz gloves also offers better protection for your sparring partner. By minimizing the force of your punches, you can prevent unnecessary injuries during training sessions.

2. Improved Training Intensity

Using 20 oz boxing gloves can also help improve the intensity of your training. The added weight of these gloves increases the resistance during workouts, making your punches feel more challenging. This extra resistance can help build strength and endurance in your arms and shoulders, enhancing your overall boxing performance.

Moreover, the increased weight of 20 oz gloves can also improve your accuracy and timing. Since these gloves require more effort to move, you will need to focus on your technique and timing to land precise punches, leading to better boxing skills.

3. Suitable for Heavy Hitters

If you are a heavy hitter, 20 oz boxing gloves are ideal for you. The additional padding in these gloves helps cushion the impact of your powerful punches, reducing the risk of causing serious harm to your opponent. This is especially important in sparring sessions where the goal is to practice and improve, not to injure your partner.

Furthermore, using 20 oz gloves allows heavy hitters to maintain a fair match with opponents who may have a lighter build. The added weight of the gloves can help level the playing field and ensure a more balanced and competitive fight.

4. Increased Durability

Another advantage of 20 oz boxing gloves is their increased durability. The extra padding and thicker materials used in these gloves make them more resistant to wear and tear. This means that they will last longer, saving you money in the long run by not having to replace your gloves as frequently.

Additionally, the enhanced durability of 20 oz gloves makes them suitable for intense training sessions and prolonged use. They can withstand the impact of heavy punches and maintain their shape and padding, providing consistent protection throughout your training sessions.

why use 20 oz boxing gloves

5. Versatility in Training

20 oz boxing gloves offer versatility in training. They can be used for various types of workouts, including bag work, sparring, and mitt work. Their added weight and padding make them suitable for different training purposes, allowing you to switch between exercises without needing multiple pairs of gloves.

Moreover, the versatility of 20 oz gloves makes them suitable for boxers of different skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced boxer, these gloves can accommodate your training needs and help you progress in your boxing journey.

6. Compliance with Regulations

Lastly, using 20 oz boxing gloves ensures compliance with regulations set by boxing organizations and competitions. Many amateur and professional boxing events require participants to use specific glove sizes, and 20 oz gloves are often the standard for heavyweight divisions. By using the appropriate glove size, you can avoid disqualification and ensure fair competition.

In conclusion, 20 oz boxing gloves offer enhanced protection, improved training intensity, suitability for heavy hitters, increased durability, versatility in training, and compliance with regulations. These gloves are a popular choice among boxers due to their many advantages and can greatly contribute to a boxer’s performance and safety.

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