why did meryl streep attack mma

why did meryl streep attack mma

Meryl Streep, a renowned actress and activist, has been known for her outspoken nature and strong opinions on various social and political issues. In recent years, she has expressed her disapproval and criticism towards Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a popular combat sport. This article aims to explore the reasons behind Meryl Streep’s attack on MMA from different perspectives.

1. Violence and Brutality

One of the primary reasons for Streep’s criticism of MMA is its perceived violence and brutality. She argues that the sport promotes and glorifies physical aggression, potentially leading to severe injuries and long-term health consequences for the athletes involved. Streep believes that such a display of violence contradicts the values of empathy and compassion she stands for.

2. Lack of Regulation

Streep also raises concerns about the lack of regulation in MMA. Unlike traditional sports like boxing or wrestling, MMA is relatively new and still evolving. Streep argues that the absence of comprehensive rules and regulations leaves room for exploitation and unethical practices, putting fighters’ safety at risk.

3. Gender Inequality

Another aspect that Streep highlights is the gender inequality within MMA. She argues that women in the sport often face discrimination and are not given the same opportunities and recognition as their male counterparts. Streep, being a vocal advocate for gender equality, finds this disparity problematic and uses her platform to shed light on the issue.

4. Negative Influence on Youth

Streep expresses concern about the potential negative influence MMA can have on young viewers. She believes that the aggressive nature of the sport and its portrayal as entertainment can desensitize individuals to violence and promote a culture of aggression. Streep worries that this can have detrimental effects on the impressionable minds of children and teenagers.

5. Lack of Skill Appreciation

Streep argues that MMA, compared to other combat sports, lacks the same level of skill appreciation. She believes that the focus on brute force and knockout finishes overshadows the technical aspects of the sport. Streep, an advocate for the arts, feels that this undermines the importance of skill and strategy in athletic competitions.

6. Potential for Exploitation

Streep raises concerns about the potential for exploitation of fighters in MMA. She argues that the pursuit of profit and entertainment value often takes precedence over the well-being and fair treatment of the athletes. Streep believes that this exploitation can lead to physical and emotional harm, particularly for fighters from disadvantaged backgrounds.

7. Lack of Sportsmanship

Streep criticizes MMA for what she perceives as a lack of sportsmanship. She believes that the aggressive nature of the sport often overshadows mutual respect and fair play. Streep argues that true sportsmanship should prioritize camaraderie and healthy competition, rather than promoting violence and animosity.

8. Cultural and Artistic Perspective

From a cultural and artistic perspective, Streep questions the value of MMA as a form of entertainment. She argues that the focus on physical combat and violence in the sport does not contribute to the enrichment of society or the promotion of meaningful storytelling. Streep, being a highly acclaimed actress, believes in the power of art to inspire and educate.


why did meryl streep attack mma

Meryl Streep’s criticism of MMA stems from various concerns, including its violence, lack of regulation, gender inequality, negative influence on youth, lack of skill appreciation, potential for exploitation, lack of sportsmanship, and its limited cultural and artistic value. While her opinions may be controversial to some, Streep’s advocacy for social justice and her commitment to promoting empathy and compassion play a significant role in shaping her perspective on MMA.

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