why don mma fighters use taekwondo

why don mma fighters use taekwondo

Why do MMA fighters use Taekwondo?

When it comes to mixed martial arts (MMA), fighters are constantly seeking ways to gain an advantage over their opponents. One martial art that has gained popularity among MMA fighters is Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art known for its dynamic kicks and fast footwork. In this article, we will explore why MMA fighters choose to incorporate Taekwondo into their training and fighting strategies.

Effective Striking Techniques

why don mma fighters use taekwondo

One of the main reasons why MMA fighters use Taekwondo is because of its effective striking techniques. Taekwondo emphasizes powerful kicks, which can be devastating when executed correctly. MMA fighters who have a background in Taekwondo can use their kicks to create distance, generate knockout power, and target their opponent’s vulnerable areas.

Furthermore, Taekwondo’s kicks are often executed with speed and precision, making them difficult for opponents to defend against. This gives MMA fighters a significant advantage in stand-up exchanges, where they can use their Taekwondo kicks to outstrike their opponents and potentially finish the fight.

Flexibility and Agility

Another reason why MMA fighters incorporate Taekwondo into their training is because of the martial art’s emphasis on flexibility and agility. Taekwondo practitioners undergo rigorous training to develop their flexibility, allowing them to execute high kicks and acrobatic movements.

This flexibility translates well into the MMA cage, where fighters need to be able to move quickly and change directions rapidly. Taekwondo-trained fighters often have an edge in evading strikes, dodging takedowns, and maintaining balance during intense grappling exchanges.

Improved Footwork

Footwork is a crucial aspect of MMA, and Taekwondo provides fighters with exceptional footwork skills. Taekwondo practitioners learn to move in and out of range quickly, utilizing angles and pivots to create openings for attacks.

MMA fighters who incorporate Taekwondo footwork into their game can effectively control the distance between them and their opponents. This allows them to dictate the pace of the fight, avoid being trapped against the cage, and set up their own strikes and takedowns.

Adaptability to Different Ranges

Another benefit of using Taekwondo in MMA is its adaptability to different ranges of combat. Taekwondo offers techniques that are effective in both long-range and close-quarters situations.

At long range, Taekwondo kicks can be used to keep opponents at bay and inflict damage from a safe distance. On the other hand, in close-quarters, Taekwondo practitioners can utilize their hand strikes, knees, and elbows to deliver devastating blows.

Effective Defensive Techniques

Taekwondo not only provides offensive capabilities but also offers effective defensive techniques. Taekwondo practitioners learn various blocks, parries, and evasive maneuvers to protect themselves from strikes and takedowns.

MMA fighters who have a background in Taekwondo can effectively defend against their opponents’ attacks, minimizing damage and creating opportunities for counterattacks. This defensive skill set is invaluable in the high-intensity environment of MMA, where fighters must be able to both attack and defend effectively.

Mental Discipline and Focus

Aside from the physical benefits, Taekwondo instills mental discipline and focus in its practitioners. MMA fighters who train in Taekwondo develop mental toughness, perseverance, and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

This mental discipline can be a significant advantage in the MMA cage, where fighters face intense physical and mental challenges. Taekwondo-trained fighters are often better equipped to handle the stress and maintain composure, allowing them to make better decisions and execute their techniques with precision.

Strategic Kicking Game

Finally, Taekwondo offers a strategic kicking game that can surprise opponents and disrupt their game plans. MMA fighters who incorporate Taekwondo kicks into their arsenal can catch their opponents off guard and create openings for other attacks.

By utilizing spinning kicks, jumping kicks, and other unorthodox techniques, Taekwondo-trained fighters can keep their opponents guessing and force them to react defensively. This can create opportunities for takedowns, submissions, or further striking combinations.


In conclusion, MMA fighters use Taekwondo for various reasons, including its effective striking techniques, flexibility and agility benefits, improved footwork, adaptability to different ranges, effective defensive techniques, mental discipline, and strategic kicking game. By incorporating Taekwondo into their training and fighting strategies, MMA fighters can gain a competitive edge and increase their chances of success in the cage.

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