why isn’t the mcgregor fight going to be mma

why isn’t the mcgregor fight going to be mma

Why Isn’t the McGregor Fight Going to Be MMA?

There are several reasons why the upcoming McGregor fight is not going to be in the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) format. In this article, we will explore different aspects to understand why this decision has been made.

Limited Availability of Opponents

One of the primary reasons for not having the McGregor fight in MMA is the limited availability of suitable opponents. McGregor is a highly skilled and popular fighter, and finding opponents who can match his level of expertise and draw a similar audience is challenging. Thus, promoters may opt for different formats to ensure a compelling matchup.

Additionally, certain fighters may not be willing to face McGregor in an MMA fight due to the risk of injury or the potential damage to their reputation if they lose. This further limits the pool of available opponents for a true MMA bout.

Financial Considerations

Another significant factor in determining the fight format is financial considerations. The promoters and stakeholders involved may believe that a different format, such as boxing or exhibition matches, will generate more revenue and attract a larger audience. McGregor’s previous boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. was a massive financial success, which could influence future fight decisions.

Furthermore, certain formats like boxing often have more lucrative sponsorship and endorsement opportunities, which can contribute to the overall financial success of the event. These financial incentives can outweigh the desire for an MMA fight.

Protecting McGregor’s Brand

McGregor has built a brand around his fighting career, and his image is carefully managed by his team and promoters. Participating in an MMA fight can be physically demanding and carries a higher risk of injury. By opting for a different format, McGregor’s team may be aiming to protect his brand and ensure his longevity in the sport.

Moreover, McGregor’s participation in a non-MMA fight allows him to explore different aspects of his fighting skills and expand his fan base beyond the MMA community. This diversification can enhance his marketability and open doors to new opportunities in the future.

Meeting Fan Expectations

Given McGregor’s immense popularity, there is always a high level of anticipation and expectation surrounding his fights. While the MMA format is undoubtedly thrilling, fans may have different preferences or expectations for each fight. By diversifying the formats, promoters can cater to a broader range of fan interests and ensure maximum engagement.

For example, a boxing match may attract fans who appreciate the technical aspects of the sport, while an exhibition match could draw in casual viewers who enjoy the entertainment value. By offering different formats, the promoters can reach a wider audience and create a more inclusive experience for fans.

Expanding the Sport’s Reach

By exploring different fight formats, the sport of mixed martial arts can expand its reach and appeal to a broader audience. While MMA has gained significant popularity in recent years, it still faces certain stigmas and misconceptions. By showcasing fighters like McGregor in different formats, the sport can break down barriers and attract new fans who may not have been initially interested in MMA.

Additionally, participating in non-MMA fights can help build relationships and collaborations with other combat sports organizations, leading to cross-promotion opportunities and increased exposure for MMA fighters.

why isn't the mcgregor fight going to be mma


The decision to not have the McGregor fight in MMA format stems from a combination of factors such as limited opponent availability, financial considerations, protecting McGregor’s brand, meeting fan expectations, and expanding the reach of the sport. While some fans may be disappointed by this decision, it offers an opportunity to explore different fight formats and create unique experiences for both McGregor and his audience.

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