will cox cable carry the jones vs santos mma fight

will cox cable carry the jones vs santos mma fight

Will Cox Cable Carry the Jones vs Santos MMA Fight?

Cox Cable is one of the leading cable television providers in the United States, offering a wide range of channels and programming options to its subscribers. As mixed martial arts (MMA) continues to gain popularity, fans are eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated Jones vs Santos fight. In this article, we will explore whether Cox Cable will carry this exciting event and discuss various aspects related to its potential availability.

1. Cox Cable’s History of Broadcasting MMA Events

Cox Cable has a history of broadcasting major MMA events, including those from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). They have recognized the growing demand for MMA among their subscribers and have made efforts to provide access to these fights in the past. Therefore, there is a good chance that Cox Cable will carry the Jones vs Santos fight.

2. Negotiations with UFC

One crucial factor in determining whether Cox Cable will broadcast the Jones vs Santos fight is the ongoing negotiations between Cox Cable and the UFC. These negotiations involve various aspects such as licensing fees, broadcasting rights, and potential revenue sharing. The outcome of these negotiations will play a significant role in Cox Cable’s decision to carry the fight.

3. Subscriber Demand

will cox cable carry the jones vs santos mma fight

Cox Cable takes into consideration the demand from its subscribers when deciding which events to broadcast. If there is a significant interest in the Jones vs Santos fight among Cox Cable subscribers, the chances of it being carried by the provider are higher. Subscriber demand can be gauged through pre-event surveys, social media engagement, and previous viewership data.

4. Pay-Per-View Options

In some cases, Cox Cable may offer the option of purchasing the Jones vs Santos fight as a pay-per-view event. Pay-per-view allows subscribers to access the fight on a one-time basis by paying an additional fee. This option is often available for highly anticipated events and can be a viable solution for Cox Cable to cater to both MMA enthusiasts and casual viewers.

5. Availability of Channel Space

Cox Cable has limited channel space and must carefully allocate it to various programming options. If there is a clash between the Jones vs Santos fight and other scheduled programming, Cox Cable may face challenges in accommodating the event. However, given the popularity of MMA, Cox Cable may prioritize the fight and make necessary adjustments to ensure its broadcast.

6. Regional Differences

Cox Cable operates in different regions across the United States, and the availability of the Jones vs Santos fight may vary depending on the region. Some regions may have a higher demand for MMA events and, therefore, a higher likelihood of Cox Cable carrying the fight. Regional differences can also impact negotiations with the UFC and the overall decision-making process.

7. Competition from Other Providers

Cox Cable faces competition from other cable providers and streaming services. If a competitor secures exclusive rights to broadcast the Jones vs Santos fight, Cox Cable may face challenges in offering the event to its subscribers. In such cases, Cox Cable may explore alternative options or negotiate with the competitor to ensure access to the fight.

8. Historical Significance of the Fight

The historical significance of the Jones vs Santos fight can influence Cox Cable’s decision. If the fight is expected to break records or has a high potential for generating significant viewership, Cox Cable is more likely to prioritize its broadcast. The impact of the fight on the MMA community and its overall appeal to a broader audience will be crucial factors in Cox Cable’s decision-making process.


While there are several factors that can influence Cox Cable’s decision to carry the Jones vs Santos fight, the provider’s history of broadcasting MMA events, subscriber demand, negotiations with the UFC, and the fight’s historical significance are among the most important considerations. Ultimately, Cox Cable aims to cater to the preferences and interests of its subscribers, and their decision will be based on a careful evaluation of these factors.

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