will mayweather and mcgregor fight be boxing or mma

will mayweather and mcgregor fight be boxing or mma

The highly anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor has sparked intense speculation about the nature of the bout. Will it be a boxing match, adhering to the rules and regulations of the sport, or will it take the form of an MMA fight, incorporating elements of mixed martial arts? In this article, we will explore various aspects that could shed light on the nature of this epic showdown.

1. Fighters’ Background

Mayweather is a legendary boxer, known for his defensive skills and technical expertise in the ring. McGregor, on the other hand, is a prominent figure in the MMA world, with a reputation for his striking abilities and unorthodox fighting style.

Both fighters have expressed interest in competing in each other’s respective sports, which adds to the intrigue of the matchup.

2. Promotional Strategy

The promoters of the fight have a vested interest in maximizing its appeal. They may choose to market it as a boxing match to attract traditional boxing fans, or as an MMA fight to entice followers of that sport. The promotional strategy employed could provide hints about the nature of the contest.

will mayweather and mcgregor fight be boxing or mma

3. Venue and Licensing

The choice of venue and the licensing process can also offer clues. If the fight is held in a boxing-specific venue, it suggests that it will adhere to boxing rules. Conversely, if it takes place in an MMA arena, it may indicate the inclusion of MMA elements.

4. Rule Agreement

The negotiation and agreement of rules between the fighters and their respective camps will be crucial in determining the nature of the fight. If they reach a consensus on boxing rules, it will likely be a boxing match. If they decide to incorporate MMA rules, it could become an MMA bout.

5. Weight Class

Weight class is a significant factor in both boxing and MMA. If the fighters agree to compete within a specific boxing weight class, it suggests a boxing match. However, if they opt for a catchweight or agree to compete in McGregor’s natural weight class, it could indicate a hybrid contest.

6. Gloves

The choice of gloves can also provide insights into the nature of the fight. Boxing gloves are larger and more padded, while MMA gloves are smaller and offer less protection. If the fighters opt for boxing gloves, it implies a boxing match, while MMA gloves hint at an MMA fight.

7. Fight Duration

The duration of the fight is another crucial aspect. Boxing matches typically consist of 12 rounds, each lasting three minutes, while MMA fights have varying round lengths. If the fighters agree to a specific number of rounds and minutes, it could indicate the nature of the contest.

8. Referee Selection

The choice of referee can also provide insights. If a renowned boxing referee is appointed, it suggests a boxing match. Conversely, if an experienced MMA referee is selected, it hints at an MMA fight.

9. Fight Stipulations

The stipulations agreed upon by the fighters could also offer clues. If they agree to adhere strictly to boxing regulations, it will likely be a boxing match. However, if they incorporate elements such as takedowns or submissions, it could point towards an MMA contest.

10. Fighter Training

Observing the training methods and techniques employed by the fighters in the lead-up to the fight can provide valuable insights. If Mayweather focuses solely on boxing techniques and McGregor on MMA skills, it suggests the nature of the bout.


While the speculation surrounding the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight continues, various factors can provide indications of whether it will be a boxing match or an MMA fight. The fighters’ backgrounds, promotional strategy, venue, rules, weight class, gloves, fight duration, referee selection, stipulations, and training methods all contribute to the overall picture. Ultimately, only time will reveal the true nature of this highly anticipated showdown.

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