Avanesyan Sees Ennis Fight as His “Last Chance” for a World Title

Avanesyan Sees Ennis Fight as His “Last Chance” for a World Title

David Avanesyan sees his upcoming fight with IBF welterweight champion Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis as a pivotal moment in his career, viewing it as his last opportunity to win a world title. The highly anticipated clash between Ennis and Avanesyan will be broadcast live on DAZN from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Saturday, July 13th.

Ennis finds himself in uncharted territory, facing a formidable opponent in Avanesyan who possesses significant punching power. Despite Ennis’ confidence and the constant praise he receives, he has yet to defeat any noteworthy opponents, leaving him vulnerable to being exposed by Avanesyan.

At 35 years old, Avanesyan is ranked #13 by the IBF and a loss to Ennis could cost him his status in the welterweight rankings. Faced with the reality of his age and recent defeat to Terence Crawford in 2022 after a two-year hiatus, Avanesyan understands that this fight represents his last chance at a world title, regardless of the circumstances surrounding his opportunity.

In assessing Ennis as his opponent, Avanesyan acknowledges his versatility but also his susceptibility to impactful blows. The veteran fighter is determined to secure a victory in what may be his final shot at a world title, emphasizing the importance of this fight for his career.

While many consider Ennis to be the best welterweight in the division, questions remain about his true abilities given the level of competition he has faced. Avanesyan’s power poses a significant threat to Ennis, who prioritizes knockouts and entertainment over defensive prowess.

Despite the challenges ahead, Avanesyan remains optimistic about his chances against Ennis, citing his ability to land powerful shots and potentially secure a knockout victory. With his experience, determination, and raw power, Avanesyan presents a formidable challenge for Ennis that could reshape the welterweight landscape.

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