Bill Haney Deflects Amidst Leaked Sparring Controversy, Claims He Has Video of Devin Beating Mayweather

Bill Haney Deflects Amidst Leaked Sparring Controversy, Claims He Has Video of Devin Beating Mayweather

Bill Haney was on the defensive when asked about Devin Haney getting worked by Gervonta Davis in the sparring video leaked today. The video shows Tank battering Haney, hitting him with many shots, and Adrien Broner stepping in to save Haney when he was on the brink of being stopped.

He’s in damage control mode due to the video of Haney getting beaten up being released. Bill sounded like he was having his feet put to the fire being asked questions about Devin getting the stuffing beaten out of him by Tank Davis. Bill looked nervous like he was being interrogated by the Grand Inquisitor, Torquemada.

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The Mayweather Connection

Some fans believe Floyd Mayweather Jr. gave the video to Ryan due to Bill bragging earlier this week about how Devin had gotten the better of his training before his fight with Conor McGregor in 2017. According to Bill, Floyd retired after that beatdown. I

Bill says he wants Floyd Mayweather Jr. to show the video of young Devin getting the better of them in a sparring session, which he was 6-0 in favor of Dev from back in 2017.

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Bill Demands Release of Mayweather Sparring Footage

“It was a one-sided situation. As I said, it was six rounds, and it was 6-0,” said Bill Haney to the media, reflecting on Devin Haney’s soaring with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2017. “Floyd Mayweather gave us the opportunity to share the ring, something that he hasn’t done with Gervonta. Something he hasn’t done with Adrien Broner.

“So, for that, we have a lot of respect for him. But also, at the same time, I got to live in the truth. I didn’t bring it up [Haney getting the better of Mayweather sparring] until he started showing sparring footage.

The Question of Authenticity

“So, I said, ‘Tell him if he’s showing that one, show the one that means a lot to us.’ The one that the world would like to see. 6-0 Devin, 0 Mayweather. Ryan says he saw the tape, but he wasn’t interested in seeing Dev stop him. Do you people really want to see it or are you playing? No mas,” said Bill when asked how Devin stopped Floyd.

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“He quit in the dog house. That’s the only way you’re going to have sparring. Dog house rules. How you going to win some money if one don’t stop. Of course, we don’t have any judges. It’s the person that stops. Tank stopped himself. Nobody is going to go in there and stop Tank.

“He’s pulling the string and he got the boy here,” said Bill about Mayweather controlling Ryan. “I told Leonard Ellerbe to tell Floyd, ‘Let him go. Take your claws out of him.”

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