‘Both fighters want the fight’: Arum says signs pointing towards Tank vs Lomachenko

‘Both fighters want the fight’: Arum says signs pointing towards Tank vs Lomachenko

In a recent interview with Fight Hype, Bob Arum discussed the potential for a long-awaited bout between Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and Vasiliy Lomachenko. Arum acknowledged that while talks about the fight had been more significant in the past, he now believes that there should be no hurdles in arranging the match.

Arum expressed confidence in the willingness of both fighters to make the fight happen. He mentioned that negotiations would need to take place to determine the financial aspects, but he remained optimistic about the outcome. Despite the uncertainties until the fight is officially confirmed, Arum remained hopeful.

When asked about the involvement of different networks in facilitating the fight, Arum assured that the networks are cooperating. He shifted the focus to the individuals working with the fighters, emphasizing the need for realistic expectations. Arum believed that negotiations between the parties would progress smoothly.

Regarding the commercial value of a Tank vs Lomachenko showdown, Arum admitted uncertainty about its peak timing. However, he pointed out that both fighters were currently riding high on recent victories, making it an opportune moment for the match. Reflecting on past possibilities, Arum dismissed dwelling on missed opportunities and focused on the present timeline, noting the excitement surrounding the potential fight.

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