Canelo Draws a Hard Line: Charlo or No Cinco de Mayo Fight

Canelo Draws a Hard Line: Charlo or No Cinco de Mayo Fight

Canelo Alvarez is insisting on fighting Jermall Charlo for his May 4th fight on Cinco de Mayo weekend with PBC. If Alvarez doesn’t get his wish to face Jermall, he reportedly won’t be fighting in May.

The ultimatum by Canelo (60-2-2, 39 KOs) puts PBC in a position where they’ll need to decide whether they want to give in to the superstar’s wish to face Jermall (33-0, 22 KOs) or refuse the request and lose him for the May 4th date.

Premier Boxing Champions want the undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo to face Jaime Munguia on that date, reportedly believing it’s a more financially viable fight than the match against Jermall.

PBC’s Faces Lose-Lose Scenario

Canelo’s decision to stand firm about wanting the fight against Jermall for May 4th puts PBC in a position where they’re in a lose-lose spot, where if they agree to put that fight on, it could bomb on Amazon Prime PPV, bringing in poor numbers.

With Canelo’s $35 million guaranteed purse, it would be a risky gamble for PBC to put that fight on, given the lack of fan interest. Saying no to Canelo’s request for Jermall would mean he won’t fight in May, which would be equally financially damaging.

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Inside Scoop from Mexico

Mexican journalist Fernando Schwartz reports that Canelo will not accept another opponent. It’s Jermall or no fight in May. If Canelo is serious about his ultimatum, PBC must quickly decide if they want to give in to him or refuse and hope that he changes his mind.

“CANELO DOES NOT ACCEPT ANOTHER: Canelo threatened Al Haymon and #PBC; otherwise, Charlo will not fight. This is what Canelo said, and I quote: Well if it’s not Jermall, there’s no fight in May,” said Fernando Schwartz on X.

If Canelo wants Jermall and no one else, that’s the way it’s going to be. PBC will need to find a replacement for the May 4th fight date. It’s a popular date, given that it’s on the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo.

They can stick David Benavidez on that date, but he’s not a PPV fighter, and his plans on fighting Oleksandr Gvozyk for the WBC interim light heavyweight title next puts him in a fight that isn’t a marketable one. It’s the wrong opponent for Benavidez to be fighting for PPV.

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