‘Can’t slip up on that guy’: McIntyre says Crawford can’t afford to overlook dangerous Madrimov

‘Can’t slip up on that guy’: McIntyre says Crawford can’t afford to overlook dangerous Madrimov

In a recent interview with Fight Hub, Terence Crawford’s trainer, Brian McIntyre, discussed how Crawford is adjusting to his new weight class in preparation for his upcoming fight against Israil Madrimov at 154 lbs. Here are some key points from the interview:

McIntyre talked about Crawford’s training camp for the fight with Madrimov, stating that everything is going well and Crawford is working hard as always. He expressed excitement about seeing Crawford showcase his strength and skills in the ring.

Regarding the challenges of moving up to a higher weight class, McIntyre mentioned that Crawford was naturally growing out of the 147 lbs division and is now developing more power. He emphasized that there are no hindrances holding Crawford back, allowing him to perform at his best. McIntyre also noted the presence of great strength trainers in Crawford’s camp, contributing to his success at the new weight.

Discussing Madrimov as an opponent, McIntyre highlighted the fighter’s determination and experience despite having only 10 professional fights. He compared Madrimov to Egidijus Kavaliauskas, known as ‘Mean Machine’, noting his toughness and determination in the ring. McIntyre believes that Madrimov’s style will bring out a better performance from Crawford.

When asked about the possibility of a fight against Canelo Alvarez, McIntyre stressed the importance of focusing on one fight at a time. He mentioned that Crawford never looks past an opponent and is currently concentrating on the dangerous challenge posed by Madrimov. As for any indications from Turki Alalshikh about a potential fight with Canelo, McIntyre stated that he has not had any direct communication with him.

Lastly, McIntyre shared his thoughts on a potential matchup between Crawford and Canelo. He expressed confidence in Crawford’s ability to defeat Canelo, acknowledging that Canelo has been beaten before. However, McIntyre emphasized the need to focus on the current challenge posed by Madrimov and not to overlook any opponent.

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