Eddie Hearn Cautions Against Devin Haney vs. Subriel Matias Fight

Eddie Hearn Cautions Against Devin Haney vs. Subriel Matias Fight

Eddie Hearn, the prominent promoter, believes that Devin Haney should not face IBF light welterweight champion Subriel Matias in his next fight, especially after Haney’s loss to Ryan Garcia in April. Haney was knocked down several times by Garcia, narrowly avoiding a stoppage in the seventh round after falling four times.

Hearn is worried about Haney’s recovery after absorbing significant punishment in the Garcia fight. He does not think it would be wise for Haney to engage in a high-intensity fight against the hard-hitting Matias at this point. Instead, he suggests that Haney should defend his WBC title against mandatory challenger Sandor Martin, a fight that poses less risk for Haney.

Although Martin is not known for his knockout power, he is a skilled boxer who could potentially outbox Haney. Hearn acknowledges that if Haney’s ability to absorb punches has been compromised following the Garcia fight, Martin could capitalize on that weakness.

In a statement to the media, Hearn expressed his reservations about a potential matchup between Haney and Matias, emphasizing the importance of Haney facing safer opponents like Martin. He believes that a fight with Matias, known for his knockout prowess, would be detrimental to Haney’s career, especially given his recent struggles.

Hearn highlights the mental and physical challenges Haney would face against someone like Matias, suggesting that Haney and his team are not keen on taking that risk. Instead, he advocates for Haney to focus on the Martin fight as a more suitable option for his current circumstances.

In conclusion, Hearn stresses the importance of Haney being psychologically and physically prepared for any fight, particularly against dangerous opponents like Matias. He believes that Haney’s loss to Garcia necessitates a cautious approach in selecting future opponents, making Martin the more suitable choice for Haney’s next bout.

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