Estrada knocked out Mendoza to win the Fedecaribe belt 

Estrada knocked out Mendoza to win the Fedecaribe belt 

Leroy Estrada emerged as the new Fedecaribe super flyweight champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA) after a knockout victory over Ruben Mendoza in just two rounds. The thrilling match took place at the Pandeportes Coliseum in Panama City, marking a significant moment in Panamanian boxing.

The return of promoter Rogelio Espiño added to the excitement of the event, showcasing the rich history of the sport in the country. Estrada’s dominance was clear right from the start, as he relentlessly attacked his Colombian opponent, ultimately securing the win with a knockout in the second round.

This victory was a crucial milestone in the 30-year-old Panamanian’s career, as it was his 18th win and a stepping stone after a two-year hiatus from the sport. With 4 defeats and 8 knockouts under his belt, Estrada’s return to the ring signifies a new chapter in his boxing journey.

On the other hand, Mendoza’s record improved to 10 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw, and 9 knockouts, showcasing his resilience in the face of a tough opponent. The bout was a true spectacle for boxing fans, highlighting the skill and tenacity of both fighters in the ring.

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