Fans Angry Over DAZN PPV Price for Bivol’s Double-Header Event

Fans Angry Over DAZN PPV Price for Bivol’s Double-Header Event

Complaints are flooding social media about the steep price of $69.99 for the upcoming DAZN PPV event featuring Dmitry Bivol and the ‘5 vs 5’ double-header on June 1st.

Originally, fans were eagerly anticipating the matchup between Bivol and Artur Beterbiev, the unified light heavyweight champion. However, Beterbiev had to withdraw from the event due to a ruptured meniscus. His replacement, Malik Zinad, is a relatively unknown fringe contender, leaving fans disappointed.

Many fans believe that a fighter more recognizable to U.S audiences should have been chosen to face Bivol given the high PPV price. Suggestions like David Benavidez have been put forward as more suitable opponents. The prospect of watching Bivol take on Zinad, with a record filled with unknown fighters, is not enticing to fans. The refusal to lower the PPV price in light of the change may result in fans looking for alternative ways to watch the event.

In addition to the main event, fans are also expressing disinterest in other matchups on the card. The clash between Deontay Wilder and Zhilei Zhang, both coming off losses in their last fights, is not appealing to fans. The undercard fights, including Filip Hrgovic vs. Daniel Dubois, are also being criticized for lacking excitement.

Despite the setback of Beterbiev’s withdrawal, organizers decided to proceed with the event. However, the choice of Zinad as a replacement and the overall quality of the undercard fights have left many fans questioning whether the event is worth the high price tag.

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