Haney Still Uninterested in Rematch With Ryan Garcia Says Eddie Hearn

Haney Still Uninterested in Rematch With Ryan Garcia Says Eddie Hearn

Devin Haney’s reluctance to pursue a rematch with Ryan Garcia stems from his dissatisfaction with the positive PED test results from their previous fight. Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn reveals that Haney is seeking a disqualification win over Garcia, but the final decision rests with the New York State Athletic Commission. Many boxing enthusiasts perceive Haney’s unwillingness to seek redemption as a sign of weakness, suggesting that he lacks the courage to face Garcia again after their intense battle.

Despite Haney’s desire for a victory through disqualification, many believe that securing a win in such a manner may diminish his reputation in the boxing world. Garcia’s dominant performance in their previous encounter makes it challenging to envision a different outcome in a potential rematch. By avoiding a second bout with Garcia, Haney is protecting his career from potential damage that a defeat could inflict, particularly in terms of marketability.

While Hearn supports Haney’s plea for a no-contest outcome due to Garcia’s positive drug test result, he acknowledges the controversy surrounding the situation. The possibility of Haney gaining a victory through disqualification or no-contest is met with skepticism from fans and experts alike, who stress the importance of a fair and conclusive rematch between the two fighters. Ultimately, Haney’s reluctance to engage in a rematch with Garcia may hinder his quest to regain the respect and support of the boxing community.

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