‘I knew he was going to tire himself out’: Tank reacts to KO win over Martin

‘I knew he was going to tire himself out’: Tank reacts to KO win over Martin

After Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis’ stunning knockout victory against Frank Martin on the weekend, both fighters took to the stage for the post-fight press conference to share their thoughts on the intense battle in the ring. Here are some highlights from their statements:

Martin acknowledged the momentum shift in the fight, admitting, “I just got too comfortable on the ropes. My coach warned me about this in training camp, but I underestimated the danger of being stationary on the ropes. I need to stay active and not rely on them for defense.”

When asked about Tank’s power, Martin conceded, “He definitely has power, but what sets him apart is his precision in landing those lethal shots. He knows exactly where to strike to end a fight, and that’s a skill not many possess.”

Tank explained his strategy leading up to the knockout, stating, “I had to calculate the right distance and gauge my opponent’s movements. Martin had a strong jab and was constantly evading, so I had to break him down gradually throughout the fight.”

When discussing the possibility of fighting Lomachenko, Tank expressed his eagerness, saying, “Absolutely. I’m open to facing any challenge as long as we regroup and strategize effectively.”

Reflecting on the early rounds where Martin seemed to have the upper hand, Tank revealed, “He was definitely more active in the beginning, but I knew he wasn’t landing many clean shots. I let him wear himself out, sticking to our game plan of outlasting him in the later rounds.”

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