Oscar Valdez Praises Shakur Stevenson for Aggressive Approach in Recent Win

Oscar Valdez Praises Shakur Stevenson for Aggressive Approach in Recent Win

In a recent boxing match at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, former opponent of Shakur Stevenson, Oscar Valdez, commended Stevenson for his aggressive attempt to knockout Artem Harutyunyan. Valdez, a former two-division world champion, believed that Stevenson would secure a stoppage victory in the sixth round given his strong performance. However, Stevenson’s approach, characterized by arm punches and a lack of power generation, allowed Harutyunyan to withstand the attacks and evade effectively.

Despite efforts from Stevenson’s corner to ramp up the pressure, his style, deeply rooted in defensive tactics, prevented him from effectively targeting Harutyunyan for a knockout. Valdez acknowledged Stevenson’s determination, highlighting his respect for Stevenson’s commitment to securing a knockout victory.

Throughout the fight, Stevenson struggled to adapt his style to counter Harutyunyan’s experience as an Olympian. While he showed moments of success, Harutyunyan’s ability to evade and neutralize Stevenson’s offense proved too challenging for the young fighter. Valdez emphasized the importance of styles in boxing matchups, noting that Harutyunyan’s toughness and defensive skills posed a significant challenge for Stevenson.

Ultimately, Valdez praised Stevenson’s efforts despite the absence of a knockout victory, recognizing the complexities of boxing and the need for adaptability in the ring. Stevenson’s performance, while not dominant, showcased his resilience and determination in the face of a challenging opponent. Valdez’s reflections on the bout highlighted the nuances of boxing matchups and the importance of strategy and adaptability in achieving success in the ring.

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