Ryan Garcia Wants to Release Full Sparring Video of Tank vs. Haney, But Can the Damage Be Undone?

Ryan Garcia Wants to Release Full Sparring Video of Tank vs. Haney, But Can the Damage Be Undone?

Ryan Garcia wants to unearth the entire sparring video of Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis’ beatdown of Devin Haney and post it on YouTube to resurrect. Kingry feels there’s more to the sparring session than the small video snippet of Haney getting worked that he leaked last night.

Ryan appears to be trying to change public perception by deflecting some of the criticism that Haney is getting from fans today. That is to say, Ryan is taking pity on Devin after being the one who released the sparring video last night.

“He Was Just a Kid”

In what appears to be Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) showing sympathy to Haney, he gives him a pass for his performance against Tank, saying that he was “16-17” and that Gervonta was “already developed.”

It’s too late for Ryan to do damage control on Devin’s behalf. Fans already saw Devin being slaughtered by Tank Davis, and age has NOTHING to do with why it played out the way it did. You could tell from watching the video that Gervonta would do the same thing to Haney if they fought today or 100 years from now.

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Tank is all wrong for the light-hitting Devin, whose fighting style is a knock-off version of Shakur Stevenson but with more clinching.

The Brutal Reality

It’s a nice gesture by Ryan to display pity for Devin, but it won’t erase the image of him getting destroyed and burned into the brains of fans. You can’t erase that image, no matter how much video Ryan digs up of that sparring session from 2017. The truth of what happened is plain to see. Haney got worked.

“There’s more to that tape; I’m really interested in the whole video. Plus, In my opinion, Devin was 16-17, and Tank was already developed and becoming a man,” said Ryan Garcia on X, wanting to get the entire sparring video between Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney.

The Dog House Rules Question

“I actually think Devin figured out a way to walk out with that money under Dog House rules,” said Ryan.

I hate to say it, but the ONLY reason Haney got out of the ring with Tank Davis under doghouse rules without being knocked out is because Adrien Broner stepped in and saved him when he was on the verge of being stopped.

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