Shakur Stevenson Acknowledges Gervonta Davis’ Knockout Power Influences Perception of His Fights

Shakur Stevenson Acknowledges Gervonta Davis’ Knockout Power Influences Perception of His Fights

In Shakur Stevenson’s opinion, fans tend to judge his performances based on the standards set by knockout artist Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. This leads to criticism and a feeling of being evaluated unfairly.

Being Assessed on a Different Standard

However, it’s not just Tank Davis whose shadow Shakur is fighting in. Other fighters in the lightweight division, such as Abdullah Mason, Vasily Lomachenko, and William Zepeda, also contribute to this critical comparison.

Shakur’s defensive fighting style doesn’t align with the current expectations of fight fans. In the quest for entertainment, his technical expertise often falls short. It’s like watching a relic from a different era trying to survive in the modern fight scene.

“People possess different gifts. Tank has the power to floor his opponents with one blow,” Shakur Stevenson expressed in an interview with NajiChill’s YouTube channel.

Despite his tactical prowess, Shakur’s fights lack the excitement that fans crave, especially in a division as popular as lightweight. The increased scrutiny has amplified the dissatisfaction with his style.

Diverse Skills, Varied Critiques

“I have exceptional reflexes that allow me to dodge punches effortlessly. Perhaps fans are judging me solely through the lens of Tank’s abilities. While he is undeniably talented, I possess my unique strengths as well,” Shakur elaborated on his comparison with Tank Davis.

Interestingly, Shakur seems unwilling to acknowledge any shortcomings in his approach to the sport, deflecting criticism from both fans and the media without considering adjustments.

Despite the backlash for his fighting style, Shakur may still find lucrative opportunities in potential matchups with Tank Davis and Vasily Lomachenko. However, the fights could lack the entertainment value fans desire, mirroring previous unexciting bouts like his encounters with Edwin De Los Santos and Jeremiah Nakathilia.

Shakur’s growing notoriety stems more from his polarizing presence in the media than from stellar performances. His fights, aired on ESPN, have failed to win over audiences, who find his demeanor regarding the criticism as off-putting and disconnected.

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