Shakur Stevenson Stunned by Haney Sparring Video, Tank Davis Sends Warning

Shakur Stevenson Stunned by Haney Sparring Video, Tank Davis Sends Warning

The leaked sparring video of Gervonta Davis destroying Devin Haney has caused a reaction on social media, with Shakur Stevenson openly shook by what he witnessed in that whooping.

Shakur posted his reaction to the leaked sparring video of Devin Haney getting beaten up by Gervonta Davis on social media. Tank saw Stevenson’s comment as a challenge and swiftly sent a chilling message to the New Jersey native, who is coming off one of the worst performances of his career last November against Edwin De Los Santos

The unbeaten WBC lightweight champion Shakur seemed taken aback after watching the leaked video of Tank Davis working over Haney from sparring in 2017, saying that he had never taken punishment like that during training. Tank replied to his post that he would “know what’s up, too,” meaning that he would get the same treatment if they fought.

Stevenson Expresses Shock, Tank Sees a Challenge

Shakur Stevenson: “Never in my life have I taken punishment like that by any fighter, good lord,” said Shakur, reacting on X to Devin Haney getting dominated by Gervonta Davis in a sparring video. This response was observed by Tank Davis, who saw it as a challenge.

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What’s unclear is if Shakur’s response to the video indicates that he’s afraid of Tank or just acknowledging what he witnessed watching it. Either way, Tank seems to have seen it as a challenge to him, resulting in him sending a cryptic message back.

Tank’s Chilling Reply

Tank Davis responds: “You know what’s up, too.” The underlying message is obvious – letting Shakur know what would be in store for him if he ever mixed it with Tank Davis in the ring and that he would receive the same ill-treatment that he witnessed with Haney in the leaked sparring video.

Tank’s reply showed that he’s willing to intimidate his competitors to tell them what they can expect when they tangle with him.

Stevenson is a defensive artist in the Pernell Whitaker school of fighting, which involves hitting and not getting hit. However, Shakur’s style is not particularly exciting to watch, as we saw the fans at the T-Mobile booing him nonstop during last November’s fight against De Los Santos.

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The response to that performance has seen Shakur avoided/ignored by the top fighters at 135, treating him like a leper and not wanting anything to do with him.

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