Stevenson vs. Barboza Jr.: Social Media Showdown Heats Up

Stevenson vs. Barboza Jr.: Social Media Showdown Heats Up

In a back-and-forth exchange on social media today, light welterweight contender Arnold Barboza Jr. and WBC lightweight champion Shakur Stevenson exchanged trash talk.

Shakur Fires Back, Sets Terms

Stevenson (21-0, 10 KOs) challenged Barboza Jr. (29-0, 11 KOs) to come down to 135 to fight him rather than him moving up to meet the unbeaten contender at 140.

Barboza was surprised that Shakur would ask him to melt down to his weight division at 135 instead of moving up five lbs. Surely, it would be easier for Shakur to go up to fight Barboza at light welterweight.

That offer by Shakur to Barboza Jr. was seen as a disingenuous one, where he threw something out there that knew that Arnold would never agree to it. But if he had, it’s likely that Shakur would have set another unreasonable hurdle to make sure that he didn’t have to take the risky fight and potentially lose.

When boxing fans dumped on Shakur for the weak move of insisting that Barboza Jr. come down in weight, he said that he “brings nothing to the table” for him to go up in weight.

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Arnold Barboza Jr: “I don’t do this for clout bro I’m not even on the gram or x like that I’m not like these other fighters I mean what I say,” said Barboza Jr. on X.

Stevenson Defends His Offer, Questions Barboza’s Value

Shakur Stevenson: “We could do it next.. Are you coming to 135? If so, let’s make it happen. All the trolling has to stop.”

Barboza Jr: “Come to 135? I fight at 140, they asked if I was willing to fight you I am willing if you come to 140 of course. Anyone at 140 can get it.”

Shakur: “Exactly, so stop saying my name. I fight at 135. I’m willing to move up for big fights. You bring nothing to the table. NOBODY know who you are, you don’t sell s***. Don’t say my name unless you really about what you saying! Go about your business, homeboy.”

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