On Saturday, June 25th, it will mark 72 years since the legendary boxing match between Ray “Sugar” Robinson, the middleweight champion, and Joey Maxim, the then world semi-complete champion. This historic fight took place on a scorching hot night in New York, with temperatures reaching 104 Fahrenheit. Robinson, who had previously held the welterweight title, was aiming to capture his third crown in a different division.

The fight took place at Yankee Stadium in front of a crowd of 48,000 fans, eagerly awaiting the showdown between two formidable opponents. Robinson, known for his dominant performances in the ring, faced off against Maxim, who was considered a tough competitor despite his inferior technical skills. As the fight progressed, Robinson’s superior athleticism and skill were on full display, leaving Maxim stunned and defenseless.

The intense heat throughout the match took a toll on both fighters and even the referee, Ruby Goldstein, who had to be replaced in the tenth round due to exhaustion. Despite Robinson’s clear advantage on the scorecards, he ultimately could not withstand the extreme temperatures and collapsed in his corner in the thirteenth round.

The loss to Maxim was a rare setback for Robinson, who temporarily retired from boxing before making a comeback three years later. Throughout his illustrious career, Robinson amassed an impressive record of 175 wins and is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time. His legacy lives on in the boxing world, with accolades from fellow fighters and fans alike.

Maxim, on the other hand, continued his career with mixed success before ultimately retiring from the sport. Both fighters left an indelible mark on the world of boxing, with Robinson being remembered as a true legend of the sport.

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