WBA Future Coyoacan was a success 

WBA Future Coyoacan was a success 

In Mexico City, Coyoacán recently hosted a thrilling edition of the WBA Future Champions event, pitting teams from Mexico and England against each other in a fierce competition that spanned two action-packed days at the Coyoacán Gymnasium.

Coyoacán Boxing proudly supported this initiative, which aims to foster the growth and development of boxing worldwide. This particular edition was significant as it brought together Mexican and British fighters for a day of intense matchups.

Participants, both young and adult, showcased their skills in amateur boxing bouts that were streamed live on the World Boxing Association’s official YouTube channel. The fights were highly competitive and truly entertaining for viewers.

The World Boxing Association is honored to play a role in organizing such important events that contribute to the progress of fighters globally. The organization remains committed to its mission and looks forward to continuing its efforts in the boxing community.

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