‘You got your a— beat’: Russell Jr responds to insult from Haney

‘You got your a— beat’: Russell Jr responds to insult from Haney

In the aftermath of his brother’s split decision loss to Alberto Puello, Gary Russell Jr wasted no time defending his younger sibling, Gary Antuanne Russell, against criticism from Devin Haney. Haney, fresh off a recent defeat himself, took to social media to mock Russell, prompting a fiery response from Russell Jr.

Reacting to Haney’s comments, Russell Jr vehemently defended his brother, proclaiming, “Don’t underestimate my little brother, he’s a fierce competitor. Losing only adds to his character, many great fighters have faced defeat. Unlike you, who got beaten soundly, my brother fought like a warrior. You should’ve kept quiet, especially since you received a gift win in your last fight against Lomachenko.”

Challenging Haney to face his brother in the ring, Russell Jr taunted, “If my little brother is so terrible, why not step up and face him? I doubt you’ll be eager for that match. My brother will still outshine you.”

As Haney looks to overturn his recent loss due to a failed drug test by his opponent, Antuanne Russell is focused on regrouping and improving for his next bout. Despite setbacks, both fighters remain determined to bounce back stronger than before.

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