Zepeda’s Path to Lightweight Gold: Why Shakur Stevenson is the Only Option

Zepeda’s Path to Lightweight Gold: Why Shakur Stevenson is the Only Option

Oscar De La Hoya, the promoter, is advocating for William Zepeda to be given a shot at a world title in the lightweight division after Zepeda’s impressive victory over Giovanni Cabrera. De La Hoya has not explicitly named the champion he wants Zepeda to face, but it is clear that Shakur Stevenson is the most suitable opponent.

In order for Zepeda to secure a world title shot, one of the sanctioning bodies must make the decision, which has not happened yet. Zepeda, who boasts an impressive record of 31 wins with 27 knockouts and is ranked number one by all four sanctioning bodies at 135, is undoubtedly deserving of the opportunity.

Among the current lightweight champions, Shakur Stevenson, who holds the WBC belt, is the only one available. De La Hoya sees this as the perfect opportunity to push for Zepeda to challenge for the title.

However, Stevenson does not seem eager to fight Zepeda, as the latter’s aggressive style and focus on body shots pose a threat to him. Stevenson is more interested in unification matches with other champions like Tank Davis and Lomachenko, which would be more financially rewarding and boost his status in the sport.

If mandated by the World Boxing Council to defend his title against Zepeda, Stevenson may have no choice but to accept the challenge unless he opts for a unification fight instead. Ultimately, the decision rests on Stevenson’s next move in the lightweight division.

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